Ancient Delta MuseumA new museum in Comacchio

From 25th march 2017

The centuries-long evolution of the area

The new, recently inaugurated Ancient Delta Museum is located in the imposing neoclassical building of Comacchio’s 18th-century Ospedale degli Infermi. It illustrates the centuries-long evolution of the area and of the human settlements typical of the ancient Po Delta. It is organized into sections corresponding to different historical periods, ranging from the earliest traces of civilizations dating back to the Bronze period and the early iron Age up to the classical Age. The section dedicated to the Etruscan city of Spina is particularly noteworthy, containing objects from the built-up area as well as rich grave goods found in its tombs. The precious cargo of Comacchio’s Roman ship has been transferred to a striking new display in the museum. Dating from the early years of the Empire (late 1st century. B.C.), this veritable marine Pompeii was rediscovered in 1981. The shipwreck took place along an ancient Roman coastline that, in the past, was located farther back than it is today and the rapid silting enabled the entire cargo to be preserved for two thousand years.

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