Visit Ferrara is a consortium of tour operators of the Province of Ferrara.

Mission of the Consortium is the promotion of Ferrara and its territory: a destination where any kind of tourist requirement is satisfied, from those interested in cities of art such as Ferrara and Comacchio to those who prefer the unspoilt nature of the Po Delta Park.

Ferrara and its province offer art, history, food, wine, cycling, events, sea and nature in abundance!

How to become a member

Individual or collective enterprises, associations and institutions interested in pursuing the aim and purpose of the Consortium, which are based and / or operate in the Province of Ferrara may become members.
The Consortium is a non-profit association and can not distribute profits to consortium members in any way.
Subjects intending to become part of the Consortium must submit a written Membership application form to the Board of Directors ( specifying the nature of their enterprise, the location of their headquarters, any corporate resolution authorizing this request, the function of the person signing the application and their professional activity. The aspiring members have to declare the acknowledgement of the content of the statute in force at the time of application.

Membership involves:

  • payment of the one-time admission fee of € 200,00 for each member, within 30 days of notification of acceptance of the admission request;
  • payment of the annual running costs;
  • payment of extraordinary fees allocated to marketing plan.

with us?

and not with an intermediary?

Booking with us you can have access to unique deals and offers, not available elsewhere.

In addition, booking with us means helping the heritage of Ferrara as no commission is paid to intermediaries, enabling local operators to offer better services at the lowest prices.

VisitFerrara all about?

We are a group of Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Agriturismi and Travel agency who deeply love their city.

We will provide you a lot of tips about what to do and we will recommend you only the best restaurants..

We welcome people from all over the world and we love to let them discover the true and most original side of Ferrara.

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