Po River Delta Park

One of the greatest protected natural ecosystems in Italy

The Po Delta Regional Park of Emilia Romagna covers areas that are considered some of the most productive and some of the richest in biodiversity. The park has the broadest extension of protected wetlands in Italy, areas of great ecological value.
It is a territory full of natural environments, home to a stunning variety of plants and animals. The high number of species is due to the different habitats, and adapted to the different chemical and physical conditions of the soil and to climate conditions.

More than 300 species of birds live and reproduce here. They may be observed in specific periods of the year following the birdwatching itineraries within the Park.

This is a wealthy land also from the cultural and gastronomic point of view: in several areas of the Park we can find and taste some of the most important symbols of the Valli (fish basins) such as the Cervia sea salt (also known as the white gold), fish, truffles, tasty wines and the famous Ferrara bread called “la coppia” (the couple, because of its shape).

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